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Top 10 Electrical Junction Box-

Electrical junction boxes are now an essential item in all homes and they act as protective covers for electrical connections.

Whether you are a professional electrician or a DIY enthusiast, choosing the right junction box is essential. Important for ensuring safety and efficiency in electrical installations.

In this guide, we’ll explore the top 10 electrical junction boxes available in the market, highlighting their features, uses and benefits.

1. Gold medal Curve Plus – Plastic 240 i-Strip LED

Top 10 Electrical Junction Box
Top 10 Electrical Junction Box
  • Material: plastic, color: white and red, type: wall mount
  • Package contents: 1 gold medal 240 I-strip led spike guard adaptor
  • A 1-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer from the date of purchase
  • It has 6 outlets International socket, an indicator with a surge protector

2. Goldmedal Plugged-In 4X4 Power Strip With 4-Outlet

Top 10 Electrical Junction Box
electrical junction box types
  • 1 year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase
  • Compatible with worldwide plugs
  • Heavy duty power cord
  • Material: Plastic, Color: White
  • Item Dimension: 38.20mm x 18.00mm x 5.00mm
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Power Strip

3.IBELL 3Mplus Extension

Top 10 Electrical Junction Box
junction box cover
  • Overload Protection | 3/4 Way Socket|Best Quality Copper Parts Inside
  • Max Power: 2500W | 10A | 250V | Flame Retardant Protection
  • iBELL Premium 5 Way Extension Spike Guard with 3 metre Length
  • Suitable for Various Countries & Regions | High Quality ABS Material

4. Goldmedal 360 Degree Power Strip

Top 10 Electrical Junction Box
Top 10 Electrical Junction Box
  • 1 year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase
  • It is a 6 outlet international socket. Type: Wall Mount
  • Material: Plastic, Color: White and Red
  • Package Contents: 1 Goldmedal 240V 360 Degree Power Strip High Grade Adaptors

5. Axmon Extension Cord

Enjoy intelligent charging with this extension box equipped with smart USB ports. It automatically detects connected devices and delivers optimal charging speeds up to 2 Amps.

Say goodbye to slow charging and embrace efficient power delivery.

Meet all your power requirements with this versatile spike guard extension board with USB.

It offers multiple outlets and USB ports, allowing you to power various devices simultaneously. 

6. EMBOX Rotary Extension Board

Top 10 Electrical Junction Box
Top 10 Electrical Junction Box

It features a master switch in the centre with blue led light which turns on when the extension board is on.

This rotary 5 Meter USB power strip has 3 USB slots (2 USB type A SLot and 1 USB type C Slot)with soft LED indicator and 4 Ac outlets.

Top 10 Electrical Junction Box
Top 10 Electrical Junction Box


The UM1155U Power Tower offers 8 universal power sockets for devices from different countries – be it flat, round, square, or angled plugs.

Safety is ensured with Child-Proof shutters. Plus there are 4 USB ports 

Charge 4 USB devices and power 8 more for multitasking

The Power Tower offers a maximum power rating of 2500W allowing you to plug in gadgets such as desktops, monitors, laptops, printers, smartphones, and even small kitchen gadgets. 

8. Zebronics – 7 Universal Socket & 2 USB Ports 

1 year carry in to service centre

ZEB-TS3320USB is a 2500 watts power extension socket that comes with 7 universal sockets

It also contains 2 USB ports

Product is made in such a way that it protects from overload

9. Portronics Power Plate

It has a built-in Smart Chip that allows you to charge high-voltage and low-voltage devices together without worrying about short circuits or overheating issues.

It can take load up to 1500W maximum capacity.

Portronics offers a One-Year warranty on Power Plate 5 to ensure a memorable and seamless user experience.

10. Hoteon – 3 Universal Socket, 3 USB Fast Charging Ports

Intelligent circuitry with built-in voltage sensing detects and responds to your device’s power needs.

Stable Power Supply

Power filtration reduces interference to keep your system running at optimal performance.

It is a perfect power supply for travel, home, library, office and business use. 


When it comes to home electrical work in general, safety, reliability, and compliance with building codes are essential to choosing the right junction box. The top 10 electrical junction boxes listed above cater to a wide range of options to suit various applications and needs. Invest in quality junction boxes to protect your electrical connections and enjoy peace of mind knowing your home’s wiring is safe and secure.

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