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Best House Electrical Junction Box :

Electrical junction boxes are now a very essential item in all homes as they act as protective enclosures for electrical wiring.

Whether you are a professional electrician or a DIY enthusiast, choosing the right junction box is essential. Important for ensuring safety and efficiency in electrical installations. Some electrical junction poses can be seen here

5-meter Extension Cord

Product Image

Product Features

With a specially designed hook for wall mounting

Safety Shutter protection

this retractable power strip with USB can bring you the best view to watch a movie,

FaceTime with friends and online shopping.

This rotary 5 Meter USB power strip has 3 USB slots

GM 5+1 G-Hoop Spike Guard

Product Image

Product Features

Overload protection 4 international sockets

Overall nice product, lot of outlets both USB and switches

Very useful for connecting multiple electronic devices

Extension Board with USB Port 

Product Image

Product Features

With a specially designed holder

Safety Shutter protection

On the bottom, this product is equipped with 4 rubber mat to prevent from slipping.

Electrical Junction Box under 500 Rupees

Top 10 Electrical Junction Box

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