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Junction box Electrical Heavy Duty

When it comes to electrical products, you have to be very careful. Especially when buying an electrical junction box, you should choose the right one.

Also, the equipment should be designed to handle high voltages. A few such parties are listed below, exploring their features, uses, and considerations for choosing the right one.

Extension Board with Cable Management Box

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Product Features

Junction Box Electrical Heavy Duty – Online First and Unique Management Power Trip box 

 integrated high-quality Extension board and Cable Management Box

 It will provide stable power to your device 

This extension box height gap is 9.5cm

The power strip is made of high-strength fire-resistance 

piercing bottom design, which can make sure of heat dissipation. You can keep the wire box tucked away anywhere you like

Hoteon Extension Board

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Product Features

USB PD/Type C fast charger

provides quick charging speed to devices with 4 times faster than normal charge 

This extension board designed with 3 international sockets

 enable you to power up 7 devices at the same time

GM Cuba 3341 Power Strip with USB

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Product Features

Fireproof Body Upto 750 Degree

1 Type C USB Port, 2 Type A USB Port

PCBA with overcurrent protection

Indicator. 1.8 Meter Cable. Surge Protector

IBELL Sg505X5 5 Way Extension

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Product Features

Suitable for Various Countries & Regions | High Quality ABS Material

Overload Protection | 5-Way Socket

Best Quality Copper Parts Inside

Warranty: 6 Month Warranty On Registration

Electrical Junction Box under 500 Rupees

Top 10 Electrical Junction Box

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