Electrical Junction Box With 6 Sockets | 1 Year Warranty

Electrical Junction Box With 6 Sockers –

Usually faces a lot of problems managing multiple gadgets at the same time. Fear of damaging your device due to current overload. The GoldMetal 360-degree spike card is here to help you out of this kind of difficult situation.

Electrical Junction Box

Electrical Junction Box With 6 Sockets


This product is designed with best-in-class safety standards and is compatible with all plugs worldwide. It also comes with an ergonomic, unique design along with a master switch and LED indicator.

Electrical Junction Box with 1-Year Warranty

Made to accommodate 5-outlet international sockets and multiple plugs of different sizes at the same time, it will surely meet your needs. Importantly, all plastic parts are made of high-quality, fireproof imported plastic.

Electrical Junction Box With 6 Sockets
Electrical Junction Box With 6 Sockets

It also comes with a heavy-duty power cord, reset switch, and overload protection. All of your equipment is supplied with a high-power drive for surge and spike protection.

More about the Products:

It is a 6-outlet international socket. Type: Wall Mount

Material: Plastic, Color: White and Red

Package Contents: 1 Gold medal 240V 360 Degree Power Strip High-Grade Adaptors

Item Weight – 700 g.

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The electrical junction box is very convenient and unique and can be used anywhere. It is located in a 360-degree circle so it can be used very conveniently.

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